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Growing civic pride in Otley

Bremner Street corner

Posted by billa on May 12, 2019

Bremner Street corner was tidied up again this weekend12/5/19.  The condition of the corner was pretty good. Not too much litter, (thanks Otley), only about a litter bag full.

The majority of the work was to clear the name of the road, weed at the front of the corner and trim back those bushes which were growing onto the pavement.  Behind the front bushes there was a bit of scrubbing up of small plants and a discussion on what to do with the laurels in the midst and the opportunity to plant another fine tree at the rear. 

Lovely weather with small birds singing their hearts out.  Thanks to everyone for turning up and helping.


 we put out new bird boxes in the winter and that is one of the reasons the birds were singing






Bremner Street corner got a tidy 19/7/17


Eleven people (must be a record) turned out on Sunday morning to help tidy up the garden at Bremner Street, opposite Asda.  We litter picked, pruned, weeded, and added a few colourful plants to the front to cheer up passing motorists.

Fire station re-cycled

Posted by billa on May 04, 2019

To celebrate the latest Tour de Yorkshire we thought we should replace the willow bikes, that had survived for 5 years, with some re-cycled ones.  Six of us tidied up,



we tried the three bikes in different positions,



the fire station gave us a cuppa,


we planted up the bike baskets


and we managed to do all this and keep dry. 


Springfield Place cleaned up

Posted by billa on March 26, 2019


Otley in Bloom met to tidy up the space in front of the advertising hordings by Springfield Place on Sunday 24th of March. It was a beautiful sunny day and around 12 of us cleared all the litter that had accumulated of the past few years, dug out the massive weeds, planted a line of small Box plants, planted a young tree inside a wooden frame and prepared the space for further planting. To protect the area from cars and vans parking on the space we then set large stones into the earth, leveled the surface, sprinkled grass seed on the unplanted spaces and gravel around the Box plants.



The objective is to provide a low maintenance area and the design tries to control weeds and simplify grass cutting while offering security from traffic.


It was a great morning out and the cake was fantastic!


Why not come along and join in with the next project?

Birdbox Clean up

Posted by billa on February 21, 2019

We've been out cleaning and replacing our bird boxes, removing damaged ones and adding a few more. The great news is that every box had a nest in it. We have started using this new style with a metal sheet around the hole to prevent predation and a hinged lid so you can get inside them easily to clean them.  Who wants to raise their young in a dirty nest?

Your job for the week is to clean out any bird boxes in your garden ready for the new season, removing old nests and giving them a wash prevents the build-up of pests and diseases.


Otley Graffiti clean up

Posted by billa on January 07, 2019

When Otley was targetted by vandals just after Christmas, the town centre and the area to the west inside the bypass was blighted with their 70+ items of scrawl. One or two companies jumped into solving their own problem straight away but that still left an awful lot to do. Katie at Otley-in-Bloom called for an impromptu OIB clean up and tried to contact as many owners of buildings and equipment as possible to combine our activities.



As a result, on Sunday, some 25+ people, from various organisations including the Police and Otley Chamber of Commerce met by the Buttercross to be marshalled and supplied with cleaning equipment by OIB. The results were startling, with damaged black walls being painted black, electrical street boxes getting clean and even some graffiti on stone was worked on.


You can read more about the Police's response to these activities but basically, an individual has been found in York and Police actions continue.



Have we managed to get it all? No, but we hit the vast majority of items.  Some of it was on brick or stone which we might have damaged by our cleaning and some were on private land that we could not get access to.

Why were some private areas not worked on? We tried to contact the owners of a property before working on it. If we could not contact them we did not feel we should do the work. We think we found most of the sites but may have missed some and we only had so many resources.

Have the idiots been caught? The police tell us that they have found an individual in York.


What should I do if I see more graffiti? You can report graffiti to the owner of the property. Leeds council also cleans their own property if you report it and they also offer advice on removal if you want to have-a-go yourself.  If you want to report graffiti to the more obvious "public space" organisations then look at this table Contact_List.pdf


Christmas Tree Festival

Posted by sstanwell on December 10, 2018


We spent a happy evening making decorations for our tree which will be in the Christmas Tree Festival soon.  This is what we made, with some mulled wine to help us along.


And here's the finished result, with some of the makers.  Come and see our tree along with all the others at the Parish Church Christmas Tree Festival, 12th-15th December.


Otley in Bloom gets everywhere

Posted by sstanwell on December 10, 2018


This little area partway along Birdcage Walk is now looking spic and span and has a few new plants to brighten it up. Thanks Penny and Anni for suffering the rain and spray from passing motorists to do this.

Clean-up at Kell Beck

Posted by sstanwell on November 23, 2018


This is just some of the rubbish we found in and around Kell Beck last weekend. A few Otley in Bloom volunteers, along with some local residents, spent a couple of hours dragging a miscellany of items out of the beck and picking up litter in the area.



When we’d done that, we planted a few daffodils, which we hope will brighten the area up in Spring.


Big Bulb Bonanza

Posted by billa on November 09, 2018

Once again Otley in Bloom will be giving away Daffodil bulbs in the market this Saturday 10 November, this year they will be miniature Daffs in celebration of our Silver Gilt win in Yorkshire in Bloom 2018.




Otley wins Silver Gilt

Posted by sstanwell on October 26, 2018

Otley in Bloom are proud to announce we received SILVER GILT in this year's Yorkshire in Bloom competition.  We're very pleased with this result as it was a challenging year with the flowers, with a cold spring and the hot dry summer.  But we are pleased our endeavours working in the community have shone through.  Thank you lovely people of Otley for your continuing support.

Poster competition winners

Posted by sstanwell on July 18, 2018


These artists From The Whartons Year 1 each won a butterfly, bee or ladybird for their poster colouring skills, showing the value of gardening and plants.  Well done everybody!

Timayane Day 2018

Posted by billa on July 10, 2018

June saw Otley in Bloom's 2018 Timayane Day when Prince Henry's students assist the community.  At Otley in Bloom, some 20 students came and planted out many many plants into all the tubs around town.  Thanks to all the help provided "many hands made light work" and the town is prettier for it.