Yorkshire in Bloom

Otley’s participation in Yorkshire in Bloom

For many years we have taken part in the Town category of the Yorkshire in Bloom competition, and won a Silver Gilt award in the most recent one (2019). Otley’s growth has made this harder to achieve so in 2019 we decided to focus our support on the commercial centre of town for the “in Bloom” aspects, while continuing to develop the larger Otley area as before.

The town’s involvement in the competition began when Otley Town Council worked with Otley Chamber of Trade to install hanging baskets on some of the lamp posts in the town centre. Otley in Bloom was formed soon after. While we have, for many years, managed the paperwork side of that exercise, in 2020 we handed that responsibility over to the BID for the Yorkshire in Bloom competition.

The benefits of Otley’s entry into the annual competition are many and varied. It helps Otley in Bloom to obtain funding to carry out a variety of projects to enhance spaces throughout the whole town and improve the green spaces with year-round colourful and sustainable planting. The town also benefits from improved services such as street cleaning, graffiti removal and high quality floral displays that make the environment more attractive for residents, businesses, tourists and other visitors.

The competition encourages businesses, organisations and individuals to “do their bit” to help create a sense of civic pride to put Otley on the map. It fosters cooperation between Leeds City Council, Otley Town Council and other organisations to work together for the benefit of the town. All these combined efforts can be enjoyed by everyone and result in Otley being a great place in which to live, work and visit.

If you want to join in and support any aspect of this work, we’d love to have you. Get in touch via our Contact page.

For more information about Yorkshire in Bloom, visit their website.

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