Our Sites

We maintain and develop sites all around Otley. The maps below show all those that Otley in Bloom is responsible for in some way, plus other planters and bird boxes that we’re aware of.

Otley in Bloom helps protect, support, plant and clear many different areas.  They change over the years so it’s useful to keep a record of what is where and help our volunteers to find where to meet, etc. 

Below are three maps: the larger planters and barrier planters in central Otley, the OIB plantings in the wider area where we help out, and bird boxes in public spaces. (There is no map of the lamp post planters that the BID and OIB put up after 2010.)

If you click on each symbol you should find its name and some recent photos to show how it looks at present and aid finding the right place.  If you know of anything other than lamp post planters that isn’t on these maps, please let us know.

Small flowerbeds, large planters and barrier planters in the town centre:

Larger sites around the edge of town:

Bird boxes in public spaces:

Leeds Council is a major landowner in Otley and each part of their land (be it tiny or giant) is specified as to usage and given a serial number. If you want to find out more click on this Leeds Map. Using the map takes a bit of practice, but the “Layer List” button is especially useful.

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