Nectar Bed in Wharfemeadows Park

In the last 6 months several members of the group have been busy planning and working through the installation of a plant bed specifically designed to provide year round colour and constant nectar for bees, butterflies and other essential pollinating insects. They have been working closely with the local parks team and got agreement to take over an existing bed in an ideal spot within Wharfemeadows Park. The “Nectar Bed” has been cleared and the plants recycled elsewhere by the parks team and OIB. It has been dug over several times and had a load of Manure added and dug in.

Following RHS recommendations for Nectar rich planting, a plan was put together, plants were accumulated at the allotment and nurtured to be ready for an Easter planting. The plants have been sourced from local nurseries, have been salvaged or divided from elsewhere, have been donated by members of the public and by group members themselves. The vast majority are perennial plants which will provide a bright colourful nectar rich bed for spring and summer. They will include primrose, snowdrops, viburnum, rudbeckia, lavender, fox gloves and various spring bulbs. The planting programme started just after Easter.

We have also been working on sourcing and designing a permanent information board illustrating the importance of pollinating plants and insects and this was installed before the bed was planted up. We have applied for a grant to pay for the board as it needs to have a special vandal proof coating. See Appendix 2 for the design.

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