Craven Street garden

It was a very successful taskforce at Craven Street a couple of weeks ago with a good turnout, especially thanks to the local residents who had responded to Katie and Mike’s note. There were around 15 of us altogether, and it was enjoyable working together and sharing ideas. Some of the local residents took a great interest in the proposed garden, not only did they work hard, but also advised about how to lay a lawn, and took lots of stuff to the tip. With their extra help we were able to dig over the site, clear out weeds and stones, plant some bulbs and scatter grass seed. It was good that it rained that afternoon! Hopefully the grass will germinate soon, if it hasn’t already.

Katie did a great job in providing notices, barriers and coffee and cake. 

We have a bench for the space, and perhaps we can all get together and finish off in the Spring with some wildflower seed along the fence.

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