More flowers at Craven Street

We received a very nice report from the Craven Street resident who first asked if we could help him improve the site.

I first contacted Otley In Bloom roughly a year ago about the possibility of clearing up a scruffy triangle of land on Craven Street. It had been an overgrown area full of litter and used to toilet dogs, but not much else, and was a neighbourhood eyesore.
Otley in Bloom were full of ideas, knowledge, organisational skill, energy and an inspiring commitment to the project. They also provided valuable funding and muscle power in weeding, organising the pollarding of the elderberry tree, planting grass seeds and daffodil bulbs, buying a bird box and lastly a bench. As a result we had a wonderful spring show of long flowering daffodils which many people have enjoyed. The bench has recently been installed by OIB volunteers, and though the weather hasn’t encouraged much sitting and chewing the cud yet, it sets the garden off and I hope will encourage further participation with locals planting more bulbs and (I hope) a tree at some point.

Since then some flowering plants have been added at the back, and a plaque fixed to the seat.  The Craven Street garden is no longer an eyesore, and is a pleasant place to visit.

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