Bremner Street corner

Bremner Street corner was tidied up again this weekend.  The condition of the corner was pretty good. Not too much litter (thanks, Otley), only about a bin bag full.

The majority of the work was to clear the name of the road, weed at the front of the corner and trim back those bushes which were growing onto the pavement.  Behind the front bushes there was a bit of scrubbing up of small plants and a discussion on what to do with the laurels in the midst and the opportunity to plant another fine tree at the rear. 

Lovely weather with small birds singing their hearts out.  Thanks to everyone for turning up and helping.

We put out new bird boxes in the winter and that is one of the reasons the birds were singing.

Bremner Street corner last got a tidy-up in July 2017.

Springfield Place cleaned up

Otley in Bloom met to tidy up the space in front of the advertising hordings by Springfield Place on Sunday 24th of March. It was a beautiful sunny day and around 12 of us cleared all the litter that had accumulated of the past few years, dug out the massive weeds, planted a line of small Box plants, planted a young tree inside a wooden frame and prepared the space for further planting. To protect the area from cars and vans parking on the space we then set large stones into the earth, leveled the surface, sprinkled grass seed on the unplanted spaces and gravel around the Box plants.

The objective is to provide a low maintenance area and the design tries to control weeds and simplify grass cutting while offering security from traffic.

It was a great morning out and the cake was fantastic!

Clean-up at Kell Beck

This is just some of the rubbish we found in and around Kell Beck last weekend. A few Otley in Bloom volunteers, along with some local residents, spent a couple of hours dragging a miscellany of items out of the beck and picking up litter in the area.

When we’d done that, we planted a few daffodils, which we hope will brighten the area up in Spring.

Great British Clean-up back on

After the Beast-from-the-East took out the original Great British Spring Clean, it’s on again

You are invited to ….. the Great British Spring Clean.

We aim to tidy up the town and the countryside in the middle of April.

  • Friday 20th of April.  Meet at the Maypole, Manchester Square at 11am until 1pm with refreshments back at the Core.
  • Saturday 21st of April.  Meet at the cafe in Wharfedale Park Cafe (Wharfemeadows) at 10am until noon.
  • Sunday 22nd of Mach.  Meet in the car park at Gallows Hill nature area at 10am until noon.

Pickers and bags provided, but you may want to bring your own gloves.  Let the council know you are coming so Otley Council can supply enough equipment by sending an email to Otley Council or drop into the Core and book your place.

Keep Britain Tidy

Details on Otley website

Where does all our rubbish go?

OIB was interested in where our rubbish goes and visited the Leeds RERF (Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility ) at Cross Green. The RERF takes all the waste from our black wheely bins. The building is based in a heavily industrialised part of Leeds and towers 7 stories above the locality. After the waste is delivered (6 days a week) it is shreaded and they take out the ferrous and non ferrous metals along with a range of plastics letting the remaining mixture of cardboard, paper, waste food, plastic film and companion-animal poo flow into a massive chamber which then is burnt to feed a steam turbine generating enough electricity to power 22,000 homes.

This means that nothing goes to landfill, the waste only sits around for less than a week in the massive chamber so does not generate smells. The output from the chimney is washed to remove the nasties apart from CO2. The building has a massive green wall all down one side which softens the site. It has an interesting mixture of plants including Berberis, Harts tongue fern, common Hazel. There are three planting layer areas with a mix of native, wildlife friendly and ornamental species of shrubs perennials, grasses and bulbs. In total there are 110,000 plants used to create this green wall. Plus the odd bee box, bird nest and yes a gardener with a cherry picker.

The RERF is relatively new and can be visited (see website) and they also offer education support for schools/colleges etc.