Allotment tidying with tea and cake

Happy Birthday

Our allotment, where we save plants when they are no longer needed in planters, and grow them on to use again, was getting a bit disorganised and overgrown, so we tidied it up and gave the plants some fresh compost.  Also we tidied the shed and got rid of some unnecessary clutter.  And to celebrate getting all that done, and to give ourselves a Summer treat, and because it was nearly somebody’s birthday, we had tea and cakes.

Recycling plants at the allotment

This week a few volunteers did some work at the Otley in Bloom allotment.  Here’s what they said about it:

Had a good morning in the wind at the allotment – much tidier, weed free and things potted up. Nice cup of coffee at waitrose after to reward ourselves. 

A few of us tidied up the allotment this morning, weeded, planted up spare barrier plants etc.  There are primulas, heuchera, grasses, small trees, shrubs, geraniums and many more, they are there for recycling, using around town when we need replacements. Thanks to Edie, Evelyn, Leonie and Jacquie for helping and sharing a nice social afterwards at Waitrose.

Otley in Bloom wins Gold again

Otley in Bloom are delighted to announce that we got a Gold Award for the second year running in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition 2015. 

David Bellerby receiving the Gold and Category Winnner Award for Otley in Bloom

It has been a real team effort.  The judges said they were really impressed by how many individuals and businesses were taking part, and even taking ownership of small pockets of space.  Apparently this is unusual in a town the size of Otley, as normally the bigger the town the more people expect it to be “someone else’s job”.  Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this, and particular thanks to Neil Wilson and his Parks Team.

We were also the winner this year of the town category being awarded gold. Judges said: “Otley looked fabulous a testament to all your hard work, well done everyone.”  Colourful hanging baskets around the Maypole, the “well cared” for White Bridge allotments, Otley in Bloom’s nectar bed and Wharfemeadows Park, were all singled out for praise, as were the many Otley businesses who put out hanging baskets and pots to brighten up shop fronts.

Behind the scenes

We have an allotment at the Burras Lane site where we grow on plants we’ve saved from the planters, we compost waste and prunings, and do other “housekeeping” tasks. This year we grew marigolds from seed to use in the baskets of our yellow bikes. Now we’ve got a new water butt and guttering on our shed to make it easier to keep all our plants watered, thanks to Ernie for installing this.

And here’s Jacquie looking after some of the plants.