Litter picking on Ilkley Road and thereabouts

Here’s the latest litter-picking news from Leonie:

Edie, Bob and I went litter picking last Tuesday afternoon. We made quite a difference to Ilkley Road and the grassy areas on either side of the tunnel under the A660, then we ventured into the green and wooded area just behind the bus stop. We’ve had a go at it before with Margaret, Jacquie and Jane. On previous occasions Ernie, Ian and David have also collected litter from the other side of the main road. 

The little wood is full of wild garlic and probably bluebells, as well as discarded bottles, cans, food containers and other more disgusting objects. It could be a wonderful green space and haven for birds as well as people. Altogether we removed a couple of rubbish bags each – there’s plenty more! Although there’s now a replacement covering of sweet wrappers, cans etc  around the edges we did start reclaiming a wasted patch of ground. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could reclaim it as an unlittered patch of woodland?

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