Loneliness of the short distance litter picker

Empty tub

Sometimes I pick litter with other people but every week I pick upper Bradford Road on my own. I only pick 20 litres of rubbish so sometimes I get as far as the bus stop (200 metres) and sometimes I get as far as beyond the golf course (400 metres), but I only get as far as the golf course once or twice a year.

This pick got me to the railway bridge. Luckily no nappies, but the usual mix of 10 plastic bottles, 2 glass bottles, 8 cans, 8 polystyrene fast food boxes, 5 takeaway coffee cups, 3 bits of car, 6 cigarette packets, 1 sock etc.

25 June, I had to leave the large piece of steel, the large sheet of wood and the sandbag, maybe another day.

A week later, 1st July:

Good news, Leeds Council swept the road this week so should be less to pick up.  Still the piece of steel and wood went before the sweeper turned up.

Ah well.

8th of July:

Well would you believe it I managed to get to the golf course this week, yeeha.

15th July, well after I managed to pick up two 10kg steel rollers and take them to recycling centre, just dumped in the street.  I found only a limited amount of litter but many many little bits of plastic.  The good news I managed to get beyond the golf course and link up with the part of Bradford road that Leeds council litter picks.  Wow!

Interesting to see what happens next week…

23rd July, for I change I decided to litter pick south into “Menston in Bloom” territory because this no-mans land can become over looked.  More countryside than town, improved fencing is controlling litter but also traps litter.  Still a chance to get a lot of plastic bottle out of wire/hedges.

Where does all the broken glass come from?  Next time take a brush and pan.

30 July; well it finally stopped raining, chance to nip out and clear up.  Sad to see that Mr Coke had managed to put so many plastic bottles along my path.  Since we are in a holiday season you might like to click on on Coke choking the sea .  Still I managed to fill the box and again got to the start of the Golf course. Yipee…

Otley looking really tidy, thanks to everyone who is making an effort, it really shows.

5th August.  Down to the golf course again.  Must be because the people of Otley are making such an effort.  A couple of people thanked me for picking litter, always nice, thanks. 

Just started counting how many pieces of plastic I throw away everyday, frightening figures, I average 4 pieces.  How many do you?

19th August; litter levels well down this fortnight, maybe due to less traffic on the roads in the holidays?  I tried to clear up the litter into Menston and down to the golf club.  It would be nice to tidy up the north side of Bradford road but since there is no pavement it is too dangerous.

A few more broken bottles about, why do people smash them?

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