Bremner Street corner

Bremner Street corner was tidied up again this weekend.  The condition of the corner was pretty good. Not too much litter (thanks, Otley), only about a bin bag full.

The majority of the work was to clear the name of the road, weed at the front of the corner and trim back those bushes which were growing onto the pavement.  Behind the front bushes there was a bit of scrubbing up of small plants and a discussion on what to do with the laurels in the midst and the opportunity to plant another fine tree at the rear. 

Lovely weather with small birds singing their hearts out.  Thanks to everyone for turning up and helping.

We put out new bird boxes in the winter and that is one of the reasons the birds were singing.

Bremner Street corner last got a tidy-up in July 2017.

Birdbox clean-up

We’ve been out cleaning and replacing our bird boxes, removing damaged ones and adding a few more. The great news is that every box had a nest in it. We have started using this new style with a metal sheet around the hole to prevent predation and a hinged lid so you can get inside them easily to clean them.  Who wants to raise their young in a dirty nest?

Your job for the week is to clean out any bird boxes in your garden ready for the new season. Removing old nests and giving them a wash prevents the build-up of pests and diseases.

Big Garden Birdwatch results

We counted the birds at Myers Croft Beck, Craven Street, Bremner Street and the Memorial Garden, all patches of land we have worked on, on 30th-31st Jan, a very cold, rainy weekend.  We didn’t see any birds at Bremner Street.  At Craven Street we saw 2 blue tits, 2 woodpigeons and 3 blackbirds in an hour.  At Myers Croft Beck, near the entrance to the allotments, we saw 9 blackbirds, 3 blue tits, 1 sparrow, 2 magpies, 1 robin, 3 woodpigeons, 1 crow and 1 wren in an hour.  At the Memorial Garden, 5 blackbirds, 1 sparrow and 3 pigeons were spotted.  There are more birds in these little overlooked scraps of land than you might think, particularly blackbirds which seem to be everywhere.

We also counted birds in our gardens, and between us spotted 14 different species, including a pheasant, lots of blackbirds and pigeons, and most of the other common garden birds.

Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

It’s the Big Garden Birdwatch on 30th-31st January.  Organised by the RSPB, the idea is to count the wild birds that land in your garden or a local park for one hour on the 30th or 31st January.  There’s a simple tick-box form to fill in and send off, for further details see the RSPB website.

We are hoping to count birds on some of the sites we’ve worked on or put bird boxes on, such as Bremner Street, Gasworks Corner, Craven Street, Myers Croft Beck, the Memorial Garden, weather permitting.

Putting up bird boxes


Towards the end of 2012 we purchased ten bird boxes from a local social enterprise, “YORLEX”, who provide activities and life skills for adults with learning and other disabilities. We chose two types: the usual ones which attract birds such as coal tits and and great tits, and ones with open fronts for birds such as robins. Eight of the boxes have so far been placed in town, mainly in locations where OIB have previously been working. There is also now a plan to place another ten in the local parks, Memorial Garden and other town centre locations.